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Nicolette Brunklaus

Boost your brands with timeless design

Founded 20 years ago, Nicolette Brunklaus  Amsterdam has made her mark in the field of leading interior design. In a world dominated by ephemera, it is her mission to captivate the attention of our restless eyes. She invites us to look with our full attention: how often are we really inspired by what we see?
Brunklaus inspires. With mesmerizing, poetic stories that relate to the lives of many.
They lift us up, our minds wander off, time fades away. Brunklaus is convinced that good design is timeless, because it thrives on the infinite nature of energy. She designs and redesigns. Creates and recreates. Invents and re-invents. No waste, but long-lasting products and versatile collections. Co-created or custom-made.

Sounds good?

There is more to it. Brunklaus has worked with at least 50 leading international architects. Having gained a broad expertise in numerous projects, she provides a pain-free proces in running them.
Co-creation in private and public spaces has taught her how to
• identify with her client’s philosophy
• meet his demands,
• reduce the stress about design, production and delivery.

These efforts result in successful projects and eye-catching collections that help the client boost his brand and enhance his profile. Have you become interested in finding out more? Don’t hesitate to engage with us now:

Franz Zieglerstraat 8
1087 HN  Amsterdam (IJburg)
The Netherlands

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