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anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]anniversary 25-years Nicolette Brunklaus design 1992-2002 I just realized that this year it’s the 25th anniversary of Brunklaus Amsterdam. Time flies, while doing the things I love to do! 25 years of designing products that are timeless and sustainable, telling poetic stories and being an inspiration for many. Often the...

Urban Elegance Collection

Urban Elegance Collection

The Urban Elegance Collection that I designed for DWC Dutch wall textiles, will be presented in Milano next week. Come and join us at Masterly DWC Dutch wall textiles will be next to the entrance. I will be present at the Mondrian exhibition with my Acoustic Tapestry 'Blue Room" Address...

Dutch Pavilion Milano

I would love to invite you to my two presentations during the Salone in Milano, at  Masterly. I will show an 'Acoustic Tapestry' in the Mondrian Exhibition. And with  great pride, the collection 'Urban Elegance'  designed for the Label DWC Dutch Wall Textile Co. A collection of four designs in five color groups,...