Nicolette Brunklaus, Banner, Oak-Silk-lamp-Curtain
Nicolette Brunklaus, Banner, Oak-Silk-lamp-Curtain


Interchangeable Silk Banners Curtain

Silk Banners for the Oak and Silk lighting.
In addition to the Oak and Silk pendant lamps and the Oak and Silk floor lamps it is possible to purchase separate silk banners. We offer a choice out of six various designs.

Product Description

A personal and warm completion in any interior with interchangeable silk banners

Nicolette Brunklaus creates functional design that draws upon one’s intuitive connection to nature and natural gestures.
The interchangeable silk banners, made for the Oak and Silk Lighting are available in rich color shades. Varying from glowing yellow till dark-blue and sparkling green.

Create the unique possibility to change the ambiance in your house in just a moment

The Oak and Silk floor lamp, completed with the natural silk shades, create a warm completion in any modern or classical interior. A refined system within the frames of the Oak and Silk Lighting allows you to exchange the silk banners and therefore have the ambiance in your house changed with little effort in just a moment.

A choice out of six interchangeable banners

Choose from the six different interchangeable silk banners:  Sognsvann, Abstract Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Cloud, Faded Blue and Curtain.


Additional Information


Nicolette Brunklaus

Year of design


Size (W x H)

60 x 42 cm




Natural Silk




The Netherlands


See instructions on the label


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