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Log pendant lamp
nicolette brunklaus, the_log_large_pendant_light


Log pendant lamp 30cm

The Log and the Log Large pendant lamp, designed by Nicolette Brunklaus, brings the atmosphere of nature directly into your home.

The Log lamp collection is a refined lighting collection with the nature inspired appearance of a birch log. Designed to have the natural appearance of a birch log, the Log lamp is real piece of lighting design with a story originating in the early 90’s.


A tribute to the Log Lady from Twin Peaks

Being a real fan of the famous television series Twin Peaks, designer Nicolette Brunklaus was intrigued by the character of the Log Lady. A woman who carried around a birch trunk. As a tribute to her, the Log pendant lamp was born.

The Log pendant lamp, an unique natural touche to any interior

The hand silk-screened Log pendant lamps feature the wonderful, natural silver-green color of the Birch tree. When lit the image of the birch bark has a warm, glowing appearance. And therefore adding an intimate feeling of nature inside your home.

A small jewel with a comforting ambiance

The small Log pendant lamp is like a precious jewel. It fits perfect in a living room as well as in a hall way or bed room, allowing a comforting ambiance inside your home.

The Log Large pendant lamp, a statement in your house

In contrast with the small Log pendant lamp the Log Large pendant lamp has the appearance of a real Birch trunk and a real statement in your interior.

The Log lamps comes as a complete lighting collection in many sizes and variations.
The Log Lamp collection includes the Log Table Lamp, the Log Pendant Lamp and the Log Large Floor Lamp and Log Large pendant light. All Log lamps come with wire sets included canopy or cord with switch.

Hand-made and screen-printed with the keenest eye for high quality and details. Exclusively produced in the Netherlands for Nicolette Brunklaus Amsterdam.

Additional information


Nicolette Brunklaus

Year of Design


Size (W x H)

13 x 30 cm / 13 x 33 cm/ 13 x 39 cm / 26 x 130 cm


Multicolor / Birchprint


Cotton / vinyl / steel wire


Nature inspired lighting


The Netherlands


Only clean with dry, white, non-peeling cloth


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